GreenPlan-IT Modeling Tool

The SWMM installation program, user’s manual, as well as source codes are available at EPA SWMM website.  Users can follow the instructions provided at this site to download and install SWMM on a PC.  In particular, users will need to download:

  •  Self-extracting installation program for SWMM5.1.007 (EXE).  Run this .exe file to install SWMM on your PC. The detailed instructions on model installation and pertinent software/hardware requirements are provided in the SWMM user manual.
  • SWMM5.0 User’s Manual (PDF). This is the main SWMM document that provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up and get started with SWMM, as well as detailed descriptions on SWMM structure and various functionalities and options.

In addition, users are strongly encouraged to download and go through ‘SWMM Applications Manual (ZIP)’ to help expedite their use of SWMM.  It contains nine worked-out examples that illustrate how to use SWMM to model some of the most common types of stormwater management and design problems. In some cases, users may also want to download SWMM source codes to meet their specific needs.