GreenPlan-IT Optimization Tool

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Optimization Tool Description

The optimization tool package contains the tool's excutable file and example input files that are required to run the tool:

  • Optimization Tool User Manual 2020.pdf. The manual describing the use of the Optimization Tool.
  • OPTIM.exe.  Can be run as a console application from the command line within a DOS window.
  • Basin_info.csv.  Contains acreage and maximum number of feasible LID sites for each sub-basin within model domain.
  • LID_info.csv. Contains configuration and unit cost of each LID type.
  • SWMM_temp.inp. Template SWMM input file, created through modeling tool application to local watersheds.
  • SWMM5.exe. The executable for the EPA SWMM modeling engine.

The files will need to be placed in right folder (directory) in order for the tool to run.  The step-by-step instructions on how to set up and run the tool, as well as the description of surpporting inputs files are provided in the User Manual.