GreenPlan-IT Site Locator Tool

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Site Locator Tool Description

The site locator tool package contains geodatabases of required and optional data, example data tables, as well as the actual ArcGIS tools.

  • GreenPlan-IT:  ArcGIS tool box
    • 1 - Site Locator Tool.  ArcGIS application
    • 2 - Optimization Tool Precursor.  Tool produces inputs for the Optimization Tool
  • Common:  Folder containing python files supporting tool
  • Data:  Folder containing required and optional datasets for the tool
    • base_analysis.gdb:  Feature classes identifying areas within the waterboard Region 2 boundarythat are most suitable for Bioretention units,  Infiltration Trench, Permeable Pavement, Stormwater Wetlands, Vegetated Swales, and Wet Ponds
    • ClimateResiliency.gdb: Regiona features classes related to climate resiliency avaliable for use in different modules of the tool
    • RegionalDatasets.gdb:  Feature classes within the waterboard Region 2 boundary avaliable for use in different modules of the tool
    • RB22_cities_tiger_2014.shp:  Shapefile of city boundaries from the 2014 census data
  • Tables:  Folder containing default data tables for running the site locator tool
  • BLANK_MAP.mxd:  Mxd files necessary to create maps displaying outputs 
  • ESRI_Gray_Basemap.lyr: Layer necessary for png and pdf outputs
  • ESRI_Gray_Reference.lyr: Layer necessary for png and pdf outputs
  • GI_Rank_ColorStyle_forRegionalViews.lyr:  Layer necessary to symbolize outputs
  • KMZ_Rank_ColorStyle_v4.lyr:  Layer necessary to symbolize kmz outputs


The Tool box should be viewed in ArcGIS or ArcCatalog in order to run the individual tools.